Announcing the Ito Bindery Notebook

Announcing the new Ito Bindery Notebook.

The new notebook comes in A6 (210 x 130 x 12mm) and A5 Slim (148 x 105 x 12mm), in blank and grid options. The blank notebook’s cover is gray, and the grid notebook’s cover is black. Both covers use the same sturdy material that has a subtle texture.

Take this notebook with you anywhere. This simple design gives you the freedom to customize the notebook in a way that you won’t get bored with it.

Record your days as they are in this notebook.

Made in Japan

A5 Slim Black 210 x 130 x 12mm         A6 Black 148 x 105 x 12mm     
A5 Slim Gray 210 x 130 x 12mm        A6 Gray 148 x 105 x 12mm    
272 pages gives you a page for every weekday   Only paper from a single source is used
The green-gray 3.5mm grid is gentle on the eyes  The notebook opens 360° and comes with a single bookmark