Introducing the Stylish All-Black Drawing Pad

The All-Black Drawing Pad made with high-quality black paper is the latest addition to Ito Bindery’s product lineup. After we displayed a prototype of our signature drawing pad made with black paper at several trade shows, many of our customers ask when it would be available. Although we initially manufactured it with the intention to display, we have now decided to add it to our regular line-up!

This sleek pad comes with 70 sheets of high-quality black paper and is mounted on the same sturdy base as our Black Mount Drawing Pad. The silky black paper is micro-perforated so it can easily be torn off the base. The paper and base used are both manufactured in Japan, and the drawing pad itself is carefully made at our factory in Sumida. As knife marks show up very easily on black paper, our craftsmen take extreme care when making these gorgeous pieces of stationery. The result is a perfectly crafted sketchpad that stands out from the crowd.

This all-black drawing pad is an eye-catching addition to any artist’s or designer’s collection. Pencil marks appear silver in the light, and designs sketched with a white colored pencil make the pad reminiscent of a blackboard. Gel pen designs also show up vividly on this drawing pad. If you’re looking for high-quality black paper, there is nothing better than our all-black drawing pad. It comes is three sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

All-Black Drawing Pad
DBK-A6-BK (148x125mm)
DBK-A5-BK (210x168mm)
DBK-A4-BK (297x230mm)