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Ito Bindery is a factory that has been operating in the Sumida area of Tokyo for 80 years. The current owner, Masaki Ito, is the third generation owner of the the company. Although family businesses are rare in a metropolis such as Tokyo, there are many of these kinds of businesses in Sumida including several related to the paper industry. Many members of the Ito family have a hand in the company, and it is not uncommon to see previous generations lending a hand in the factory.

Ito Bindery’s operations currently focus on the manufacturing of our original line of memo blocks and drawing pads, as well as the production of flyers, leaflets and brochures. Our sleek stationery line is popular with those in creative fields, minimalists, and those who admire simple yet functional designs. Our collection is sold in countries across Asia, North America and Europe. We take pride in the brochures we produce as well, making sure to do our best with every job we are given.

We also collaborate with several companies and assist them with manufacturing their stationery line-up. Japan is well known for creating excellent paper products, and it is our goal to keep that tradition alive. We also customize our original stationery, and have customized our collection for brands such as Lexus in the past.

With the paper industry currently in decline due to the advent of the Internet, Ito Bindery has been able to continue its operations thanks to the professionalism of its craftsmen and its dedication to quality. If you’re looking for perfect binding, you won’t be disappointed by our output. Whether it is stationery, test prep books, promotional materials or anything in between, leave the paper manufacturing to us!

Representative: Masaki Ito
Address: 2-16-9, Honjo, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 130-0004, Japan
Phone Number: +81-3-3622-8865
Fax: +81-3-3622-8893
Established: September 1938
Factory Size: 230 sq.m. (Ground floor), 165 sq.m. (2nd floor)
Number of Employees: 10

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