Ito Bindery has a history spanning 80 years and is currently operated by Masaki Ito, the third-generation owner. Although our original memo blocks and drawing pads are the focus of our activities these days, the company started as a notebook bindery. These days our factory specializes in cutting and folding, with our products being renowned for their perfect edges and smooth cuts. If any other companies in the area need perfect cutting, they come to us.

The factory is located in Sumida, part of the the sprawling metropolis of Tokyo but an area still connected to history and tradition. There are many small factories in the area that have been operating for a long time, and the internationally famous tourist town of Asakusa is close by. Our operations are inspired by this area because our products are forward-thinking yet still traditionally hand-crafted one by one. We have our eye on the international market, and hope to show customers from all over the world the strength of items Made in Japan.

1938   Notebook bindery “Hakucho-Do” is established in Tokyo
1982   Company name changes to Ito Bindery Co., Ltd.
1988   A new headquarters is built. An “auto stitching line” is introduced for increased bookbinding volume
2009  Our original line of Drawing Pads and Memo Blocks go on sale in Japan
2010   The “Good Design Award” is awarded to the Drawing Pad and Memo Block
2011   The Drawing Pad is sold at the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) store in New York
2011   A display in collaboration with Muji is held at Tokyo Midtown
2013  Goods for the Crafted for Lexus series made in collaboration with Toyota Lexus are sold
2017  The Drawing Pad and Memo Block are sold at Margaret Howell stores in Europe and Japan

January 1940. The Founder is in the front row, second from the left

Picture taken in January, 1940. The founder, Haruo Ito, is in the front row, second from the left. The second generation owner, Toshio Ito, is the child being held by the woman in the front row.