Planning & Printing:   Proposal of promotional materials, prototypes and printing
Cutting & Folding:   Leaflets, catalogs, instruction booklets, and direct mail
Book Binding:   Stitching, collating, inserting paper, notch binding, perfect binding and hard-cover binding
Product Sales:   Design, manufacturing, and sales of our original drawing pads and memo blocks.


Cutting machine (2 units)
Folding machine (7 units)
Small folding machine – Four parallel blades + Second station – four blades
A2 size folding machine with four parallel blades
B2 size folding machine with six parallel blades
B2 size 16 page folding machine
Direct mail folding machine for all A sizes
WKT DM irregular folding, gate folding etc. machine
Auto stitching line (Four col.)
Loose leaf gathering machine (16 trays)
Perfect binder
Auto stripper, auto paper inserter
Hole puncher (2 units) (Four and two holes)
Auto cutter, scorer (“Kiku Han” size – 939mm x 636mm)
Manual scorer
Corner rounding machine
“Obi” paper band wrapper (2 units)